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The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken (Independent: 2018-present)
شوق الغريب للى تقطّع سبيله

The Longing of the stranger whose path has been broken explores the liminal spaces in the Bedouin life in St. Catherine, South Sinai Egypt. Questioning the idea of belonging and finding our place that has been taken from us. Working collaboratively with members in the community, the project also depicts how the community has kept their traditions alive yet embraced the modern world.

Addressing identity and representation, the project focuses on co-creating alternative visual narratives of the Bedouin community in St. Catherine – ultimately challenging the orientalist/colonial documentation and re-presentations which had major influence on “othering” of native communities by western and non-western urban society.

This is a work in progress part of MA research development. Supporting material: dummy book digital, dummy book publication and testing exhibition.