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Roots Guide: The Dutch Stories (Independent: 2016-present)

Roots Guide: The Dutch Stories is an interactive visual storytelling guidebook for social-inclusion. A travel guidebook of the Netherlands by migrants for locals. Composed of 50+ visual in-depth stories of individuals of various migration backgrounds living across the country. Roots Guide has been awarded 2019 National Geographic explorer grant. The guidebook is planned to be published early 2020. 

Showcased are samples from different stories in the project and some examples of dummy book and additional products.

Roots Guide: The Dutch Stories is in collaboration with Ingi Mehus, Daan Wurpel, Hamzah Kashash and Meghann Ormond. Project is under the legal umbrella of Stichting Pocket Stories.

Partners: The European Cultural Foundation
                 Alert Fonds 
                 Dutch Culture
                 Humanity House 

Roots Guide is partly sponsored by National Geographic Society