Kendaka Queens (Commissioned: 2019) 

Kendaka Upcycles was created out of its founders' passion and blossomed out of its artisans' spirit. A name historically given to Nubian queens, who were known to be brave, strong and wise, like the women artisans' creators of its products. Essentially a workshop for upcycling glass into creative products such as candle holders and mugs - Kendaka also seek empowerment for the women in its surrounding community. Located at Badr; a secluded industrial city between Cairo and Suez where former residents of the earthquake areas in Cairo were relocated to. The community of Badr face seclusion and limited work opportunities due to their location, especially the women who seek safe an close jobs to provide for their families. The women in Badr community are considered the main pillar of the family and the superwomen behind this project. This is the visual story of Kendaka. 

This visual story is commissioned by Drosos Foundation. January-July 2019. 


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