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Born in Cairo, Egypt, Rehab Eldalil is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller. In 2011, as she was graduating with a photography BA, Rehab was also participating in the Jan25 Egyptian revolution, as a result, she co-authored a best selling photo book called The Road To Tahrir. Since then, Rehab has been working on assignments with NGOs such as Drosos Foundation and UNICEF documenting social and cultural concerns in Egypt while developing her personal projects. During her time teaching photography for graduate and undergraduate levels at the American University in Cairo between 2013 and 2015, Rehab began her research on identity, representation and collaborative approaches in visual storytelling. Reconnecting to her Bedouin ancestry, Rehab co-founded ​Catherine Exists​; a volunteer-based community center that empowers Bedouin communities in South Sinai and provides medical and educational services. In her long term ongoing project The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken, Rehab is collaborating with the Bedouin community to depict a contemporary portrayal of the Bedou’ identity. The project invites the community to engage with the photographic bodies of work including their commentary in traditional mediums such as poetry, sound and embroidery. The project has been shortlisted for the Catchlight fellowship 2020 and granted Magnum Foundation’s Arab Documentary Photography Program 2020. After receiving her photography MA with distinction award from Falmouth University, UK, Rehab is currently working on a branched chapter of the project focusing on the Bedouin community’s responses and resilience during the covid-19. The chapter has been awarded the National Geographic Society’s Emergency grant for Journalists 2020. Rehab’s focus has led to studying online at the International Center Of Photography 2020/21 in which she aims to develop her project, research, collaborations and visual approach furthermore as she remains based in Egypt.



Rehab's work focuses on the broad theme of identity explored through collaborative approaches. Having lived in the US during 9/11 and experienced rising xenophobia then returning back to Egypt where years later she participated in the Jan25 Egyptian revolution, Rehab uses her personal experiences as creative inspiration. As an advocate for native Bedouin community rights in Sinai and a licensed scuba diver and experienced mountain trekker Rehab is drawn to topics that challenge linear identities and oriental ideologies. With rising issues on borders, stigma and general loss of identity around the world, her work advocates for social justice and understanding.

Current Long term projects 
The Longing Of The Stranger Whose Path Has Been Broken 

Roots Guide: Stories of the Netherlands


Documentary Practice & Visual Journalism, The International Center of Photography, (online), 2020-2021

Photography MA, distinction award, Falmouth University, UK (online), 2018-2020

Photography BA, Helwan University, Egypt, 2006-2011


Noor-Nikon Masterclass, trained by Tanya Habjouqa, Jon Lowenstein and Sebastein Liste, Spain (2019) 

International Summer School Of Photography, trained by Tanya Habjouqa, Latvia (2019) 

Awards & Nominations 

National Geographic Society Emergency Grant for Journalists, grantee, 2020 

Arab Documentary Photography Program, grantee, 2020 

Photo Fringe Solo20, shortlisted, 2020 

Marilyn Stafford Award, shortlisted, 2020 

Catchlight Fellowship, shortlisted, 2020 

Art Jameel Grant for Artists, grantee, 2020 

Joop Swart Masterclass, nominated, 2020 

Selected Exhibitions 

Photo Fringe festival, UK, 2020 

Athens Photo Festival, Greece, 2020 

Landings, Falmouth University graduates exhibition, online, 2020 

Youth of Egypt, Carte Blanche, Egypt, 2019 

Territory, by Native, Kunsthaus Flora, Berlin, 2019 

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