Fading Treasures

Commissioned by Drosos Foundation, I was asked to document the wonders and secrets of pottery in Old Cairo. For three weeks I’d visit the pottery village, befriend old school craftsmen and learn all about this ancient yet fading trade. Along this journey I’ve met Haj’ AbulAllah who has been working in pottery for over 60 years, he inherited the trade from his father. However, he is struggling to keep the tradition alive as his children lost their interest in the trade. The art of pottery has always been part of the Egyptian heritage, but due to the lack of governmental care; pottery and its craftsmen are burried within the wreckage of the pottery village. This story is part of a series called Fading Treasures that documents the many arts, places and traditions in Egypt that are fading in time.

Hands of an old craftsman

Thinking about the old time of the industry.

Dried color cans