How one tiny kitten helped me get through grief

­How one tiny kitten helped me get through grief –a series of cat photos-

On April 21st 2016, I lost my grandmother; the person who resembled everything that’s good in this world, my confidant, my friend and my mother. In her eyes I used to see all my happy childhood memories and all my ambitious dreams for the future come true. She left the biggest impact on me. The loss of my grandmother has left me feeling naked and vulnerable.

On our way back from the funeral while parking the car in front of our house, my husband and I heard a cry; a tiny kitten abandoned by her mother crying for shelter; it’s a feeling I recently got acquainted to. We decided to take the kitten in temporarily till it gain her strength and we find her a permanent home.

Unaccompanied minor
The next few days post my grandma’s passing, the funeral arrangements and the condolences of friends and family, I was finally faced with the pain of loss and loneliness. Spending most of my time at home, trying to make sense of things and observing this tiny fragile being that’s facing problems of her own. With the company of my husband and this kitten I found myself carrying my camera around contemplating on the kitten’s recovery and the growth of her starving belly.

I came to realize
I occupied my time by looking after the kitten, trying to compensate her loss and help her recover, but in essence I found myself recovering. I came to realize that she’s been sent to accompany me through my loss rather than I was sent to help her through hers and for that I’m grateful for her and my husband’s support.

                                                             I will no longer linger in grief

~ This is a series of photos depicting the days I spent processing my grief with the company of a stray kitten ~