Farmers in ElMenia, Egypt

Commissioned by Drosos Foundation, I was asked t document the life of farmers in rural villages in ElMenia.
During the documentation process I had the privilege to get to know and interact with the project team and beneficiaries. I felt the positive energy and passion the team has to help farmers and their families. They have pride for and special commitment to their work.

One village stood more significant than others to me, it is called ElDeyaba. It is one of the farthest villages in Minia. Due to its location, it lacks many basic facilities resulting in hight level of poverty and illiteracy. Overall, the project has a very special impact on the people. They are empowered to build houses, start businesses and revive their feelings of belonging to and pride for their community. This was especially true for the people of ElDeyaba who are more disadvantaged than others due to the location of their village.

The project’s team has created a coherent community model within the larger community and it has developed strong personal and friendly ties with all the outreached families. The people I met are a true inspiration for all of those who value social impact, hard work and perseverance.